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Surgery Center Insurance Syracuse New York

If you are a doctor starting up a new practice, or an established medical organization, you will require a far-reaching insurance package to protect your assets and practice.

Donigan Insurance can help you save time and money on insurance coverage by bundling multi policies for the day-to-day office operations. When running a medical office there are many parts and issues that are common among physicians.(general liability, workers comp, and commercial property) Nonetheless, each practice has traits that are unique to itself and Donigan Insurance can help custom make a package to give you the best coverage possible.

Arguably one of the most important decisions you will make as a physician is picking your medical professional liability insurance carrier. Medical malpractice settlements have never been higher and defense expenses are on the rise. Without the correct liability protection from a dedicated medical malpractice insurance carrier, an ill-fated court case could be financially devastating. It is vital to opt for a medical malpractice insurance policy that meets all of your needs. By investigating your possibilities, you can make the right decision in selecting a strong, reputable, and financially stable medical malpractice insurance carrier who will protect and stand by you when you need it most.

Donigan Insurance is an autonomous brokerage, made up of qualified agents who help physicians obtain medical malpractice insurance. We work with multiple medical malpractice insurance carriers to make sure that physicians are choosing the right malpractice insurance plans, specific to their situation

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Rochester, Buffalo, and Albany New York.

Professional Liability Insurance is also available for most medical practices.