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Restaurant Insurance Syracuse New York

Are you the owner of a family style restaurants New York? If you are, and you’re in need of insurance Donigan Insurance is to help find you affordable Restaurant Insurance. It’s one of our specialty areas – and if you wanted a special Chinese meal, you wouldn’t ask an Italian restaurant to make it for you, would you?

Restaurant Insurance covers 5 main areas. Because a restaurant business has unique risks, there are policies designed to protect the business owner, employees, premises, contents and fittings, and stock and cash.

In most NY restaurants there are a lot of customers and this means lots of contact with the public. People are legally aware these days so the likelihood of being sued has increased as well. Whether you’re in Rochester or Buffalo make sure your sandwich shop is covered should be a top priority for your business.

Public liability insurance will cover you if a customer is injured on your business premises or becomes ill after eating at your establishment and alleges it is your fault.

You may also need insurance to protect your employees if they are injured in the course of performing their job. You are legally responsible for your employees’ health and safety while on the job so having the proper insurance to protect them insurance is essential. Having a safe work environment goes

After a fire it is expensive to rebuild and replace stock, cash, equipment and other contents. There are other insurance policy options that you may need, including insuring your food stocks and/or any cash in case of fire. Another great option might be to insuring contents and equipment as they may not be covered in a standard Building Insurance policy.

A Restaurant Insurance package will keep your family style restaurant covered. For more information on Restaurant Insurance contact,
Donigan Insurance at 315-428-8600 or fill out our online form above for your FREE Restaurant Insurance Quote today.


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