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Excess Liability Insurance Syracuse New York

Operating a company in a strong market is a difficult undertaking, never mind trying to keep your business running in a down economy. Being a business owner you worry about the future of your company. Chances are you have spent a great deal of time and money trying to keep the doors open and expanding your unique specific brand of services around the state. It is a great thing growing a business from an idea to what it is now. Don’t get too focused on just growing your company, there are a lot of pitfalls to this adventure you have started and it’s essential to have a plan for the mistakes and accidents that could probably slow down, or devastate your march to economic freedom. Ideally, the perfect plan to cover some of these pitfalls may be to get a good BOP insurance policy. However a BOP will only take you so far in insurance protection.


How does excess liability insurance protect a company?


If an accident occurs and you go to court and are found at fault and the award of that claim filed against your company surpasses the liability confines of your existing BOP liability coverage an excess liability policy would then take effect. For example: The claimant is awarded 1.5 million dollars. The liability part of your BOP insurance policy only covers $1,000,000, an excess liability insurance policy will take effect and cover the $500,000 shortage.

At Donigan Insurance we can help you cover the liability gaps of almost any business insurance policy. We can provide an Excess Liability Insurance Policy to cover small business as well as large companies. The advantages of having excess liability protection: It can be customized to cover your specific needs from personal protection against injury and property damage, to additional funds to meet legal defense expenses. In particular situations, you can get the benefit of coverage as soon as a complaint is filed against you.

Excess liability insurance is versatile. It can be added to General Liability Coverage, Commercial Vehicle Insurance and Workers compensation insurance. (Talk to our agents for exact insurance options.)


Businesses who operate in any state are mandated by law to have a minimum amount of insurance coverage. If you feel as though the state minimums is enough or it is not needed for your industry, that’s fine…it’s your company. We all live, work and play with in a society where suing a company seems to be the norm and sometimes financial judgments are ridiculously high. You’ve worked and struggled a long time to get where you are, and you have a lot to look out for. You deserve the right policy at the right value. For a free Syracuse New York Excess Liability Insurance quote from Donigan Insurance you can either phone us at 315-428-8600 or fill out our online application above for a free quote today.


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