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E.P.L Insurance Syracuse New York

Every business owner is exposed to a considerable amount of hazards on a daily basis. No matter what magnitude, or category of business you’re running, there is a constant threat of liability issues that will dismantle your company. You expect a good deal of professionalism out of your employees and the work that they provide to your clients, and if they feel betrayed or ill-treated by you or a manager, a lawsuit is never far away.

What is Employment Practices liability Insurance(EPL)?

Employment practices liability (EPL) insurance is a form of insurance that protect organizations and businesses from the pecuniary penalty connected with an assortment of employment-linked lawsuits. EPL can possibly deal with legal proceedings involving a company’s administrators and representatives, negligence legal cases impacting a company’s human resources department, and legal responsibility claims over fiduciary duty. EPL might also guard against allegations of racial or age discrimination, sexual harassment, unjust termination, or non-cooperation considering the Americans with Disabilities Act. Finally, EPL insurance policies should help defend companies against legal struggles that flare up between staff and 3rd parties, like distributors or customers, if a third-party insurance coverage endorsement is held as part among the EPL insurance plan.

E.P.L Insurance coverage may provide coverage for:

  • Discrimination Insurance(age, sex, race, disability, etc.)
  • Wrongful termination of employment
  • Sexual harassment Insurance
  • Other employee-related allegations


Do not allow a disgruntled employee to jeopardise the stability of your business. For further instructions on finding EPL Insurance contact Donigan Insurance at 315-428-8600 otherwise complete our on the internet form above for your Free EPL Insurance Quote today.


An additional alternative for small companies in need of EPL insurance can be Business Owners Insurance (BOP). A BOP supplies minimal premises insurance, protection for pcs and extra office tools, together with liability insurance coverage on behalf of work-related accidents. In some cases, a BOP may contain business interruption insurance protection designed to preserve the business earnings for up to 1 year if a disaster disrupts commerce. With a BOP you can add optional insurance protection against power failures and mechanical breakdowns, legal responsibility in support of place of work practices (including discrimination, sexual harassment, and observance along with the Americans with Disabilities Act), professional liability, as well as other dangers.


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