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Electricians Insurance Syracuse New York

No matter how much care you take with each job you work on, mistakes and accidents will sometimes happen. If there is a short in one of the electrical lines that causes a fire, you could be held responsible for hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of repairs on the job your on.

In Donigan Insurance’s years of service to New York electrical contractors and electricians we have crafted insurance programs to address a wide array of risk sizes, types and special coverage needs. In addition to coverage’s for large businesses, coverage is also available for both the self employed and smaller business.


Donigan Insurance’s Electrician Insurance policies cover:


    • Physical harm – to a person at your place of business, or an injury caused by your employee at a client’s site.
    • Repairs – after your business has completed work for a customer.
    • Compensatory Damages – Financial losses of the claimant, plus additional monetary losses resulting from t a claim.
    • General Damages – (“pain and suffering.” “mental anguish,” etc.)
    • Punitive Damages – Penalties against your business for committing a wrongful act.


At Donigan Insurance , we know the needs of contracting professionals, and can develop specific policies to provide the right coverage for electricians and electrical service installation companies.Don’t try to navigate the insurance maze by yourself! Electrical code is complex enough; you shouldn’t have to learn insurance regulations too. We’ll save you both time and money by shopping the country for the best policies.

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