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Commercial Auto Insurance Syracuse New York

Almost everybody knows that most U.S states demand people to get insurance coverage to protect their “everyday car”. Unfortunately many people who operate a small business, believe the private insurance policy they have for that “everyday car” will also cover any damages that occur while operating it for business purposes. Automobile insurance is mandated by the state for the event of an accident. If you use a van, truck or car for commercial uses you need a commercial vehicle policy. The insurance protection for a private vehicle is not the same as the coverage you need for a business venture. Regardless if it’s used to deliver pizza or a paper route you now fall under the category of business vehicle, and have a different set of liability minimums.

At Donigan Insurance we provide exclusive benefits created purposely for business-related motor vehicles including:

  • Syracuse New York Business Fleets
  • Syracuse Commercial Vans
  • Syracuse New York Commercial Trucks
  • Syracuse New York Box Trucks
  • Syracuse New York Tow Trucks
  • Syracuse New York Dump Trucks
  • or any other type of vehicle used for business purposes.

Commercial Auto Insurance is designed to protect you, your vehicle as well as your company’s assets. As a business that uses vehicles you need similar insurance coverage that a private vehicle has. Like: liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments (A.K.A.personal injury) and uninsured motorists (just a higher monetary limit). If the vehicle is used as a daily driver as well as a company vehicle, you should insure the vehicle under the company name as the role of “principal insured” rather than your name. This will lessen confusion if you have to file a claim or, a claim is filed against you.

What is the minimum insurance protection I need for my business vehicle?


The minimum coverage’s you need will depend on the type and category of work that is performed by the vehicle. Our insurance brokers will ask you the details regarding the uses, and who will be driving it, then determine which category you fall under and design the policy accordingly.


We understand there are many questions in regards to this type of insurance protection. Our brokers will walk you through your insurance shopping, and find you the top commercial auto rate designed for your company’s requirements. For more information on Commercial Auto Insurance contact,
Donigan Insurance at 315-428-8600 or fill out our online form above for your FREE Commercial Auto Insurance Quote today.


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